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Appel à communication colloque ECREA Radio Evolution

RADIO EVOLUTION - Call For Papers - ECREA 2011

BRAGA (Portugal) - 14-16 September 2011

2011 ECREA Radio Research Section conference will take place in Braga, Portugal from 14 to 16 September 2011, hosted by the University of Minho. The local organising committee is the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS).


With over a century of history, and having been considered the most prominent media of the 20th century, radio currently faces the need to reconsider its place in the media environment and its relationship with the audience. With the advent of what has been called “’Radio 2.0’”, it is impossible to ignore the transfiguration of audio contents (production and dissemination), which is no longer in the exclusive hands of radio broadcasters, just as it is impossible to discard the mutation of the role of the conventional listener.

Given the technological potential, audiences demand participation, engagement, and interaction. In fact, technology has allowed for the diversification and dispersion of audiences. Having been given the opportunity to manipulate, create, and share information, via widely available and user-friendly electronic tools, both users in general and listeners have potentially become more active and participative.

There are fundamental shifts in society and technology with which radio broadcasters are confronted on all sides, both by the opportunities and benefits provided by new digital media and by increased competition within their traditional media markets. This all adds up to uncertainty, and there is a massive push to understand how these changes will impact listener-users’ behavior both now and in the future. Moreover, with the explosion in capacity resulting from the launch of new digital radio and web-radio platforms, there is a demand for new content and channel offerings that threatens to out-strip supply.

The aim of the conference is to examine the evolution of radio over the past decade, identifying changes in terms of the technology, production, and structure of the radio industry, in addition to changes in radio genres and languages, styles, and modes of reception. The main goal is to think about radio as a privileged medium of representation and creation of social imaginary within the spirit of community that it has promoted since the early 1900’s.


Deadline for abstract submissions: 15th April 2011

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Stanislaw Jedrzejewski

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