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Appel à communication : Radio on the web frequency

CALL FOR PAPERS - Revista Comunicação e Sociedade, nº 20
Editors: Madalena Oliveira e Pedro Portela
Communication and Society Research Centre
University of Minho – Portugal
Deadline: April 30, 2011

Radio on the Web Frequency
With more than a century of history and having been considered the most prominent medium of the twentieth century, radio has been facing the challenges of the new media, taking advantage of technological progress, and adapting itself to the new “modes of listening.” The future of radio, however – as the future of all classical media - is in question, due to its vulnerable position before visual media. In fact, although from the technological standpoint radio has retained a certain versatility, it is now faced with the demands of adapting to the challenges of cyber culture, where it is in fact embedded. Actually, reconfiguring the notions of time and space and being open to interaction, the Internet and the possibility of audio-on-demand are, on the one hand, causing audiences’ practices to become more disperse and, on the other, imposing the reconfiguration of sound narratives themselves as discursive performances that consist in reporting an event or a series of events.
A hot medium, in Marshall McLuhan’s words, radio has always motivated passionate approaches from professionals, but it is still a poor relative of media studies. Thus, the objective of this issue of the journal Comunicação e Sociedade is, in a certain way, to recognize radio as a still relevant medium for the construction of the contemporary imaginary. Therefore, proposals (essays or empirical studies) are welcome in the following topics:

- The place of radio as a non-visual medium, in the context of such a culture of images;
- The role of radio in the construction of the imaginary and of identity;
- The complementariness between Hertzian radio and Web radio;
- The imperatives of market and economic politics in the radio sector;
- The fragmentation of audiences and the transformations in radio consumption;
- Audio-on-demand and new non-linear discursive practices;
- Radio genres and the creative power of sound (e.g., in information, entertainment, advertising);
- Radio and the stimuli to citizenship;

- The role of interactivity in maintaining the relevance of radio.
Other subjects­taking a historical approach, for example­might also be elected by authors, as well as book reviews.

Comunicação e Sociedade is a peer-reviewed journal. Each submitted work is analyzed by two reviewers who are invited to evaluate it according to academic quality, originality, and relevance to the objectives and thematic scope of this volume. Original texts should be sent in Microsoft Word format to For a message subject, authors should write “Journal nº 20.”

Editorial rules for electronic submission of manuscripts are available here (both in Portuguese and in English):

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Notification of acceptance will be given via e-mail by May 20, 2011.

This issue is expected to be published in autumn of 2011.

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