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Appel à articles Revue Cuadernos de Informacion

Cuadernos de Información

Dossier: Intercultural Communication and its Mediations

The forthcoming issue of Cuadernos de Informacion, the Chilean academic journal edited by the Communications Faculty of the Universidad Catolica de Chile, will contain a dossier on Intercultural Communication and Mass Media

20th August 2011 is the deadline for receiving contributions. These have to be sent to

For the dossier, we are interested in research or essays that tackle the theme from diverse angles. The research questions that may be explored are, among others:

1.- Intercultural relations in communications and mass media

-Media treatment of intercultural conflicts

-Stereotypes and representation of minorities in mass media

-Stereotypes and representation of minorities in advertising

-Intercultural challenges in corporate communications

-Xenophobia in global media

-Caricaturization or idealization in TV fiction

-New mass media: integration or xenophobia?

2.- Consumption of symbolic goods

-Market segmentation according to cultural criteria

-Consumption profiles of culturally differentiated audiences: urban tribes, classism, conventionalisms

-Media consumption by cultural groupings

-Cultural reading of the media: mediations in its reception

3.- Public policies for mediated intercultural communication

-Cultural citizenship and communicative pluralism

-Norms and evaluation of governmental programs of intercultural communication

We are inviting you to send us a text that, preferably, sets out the main elements of some original study or research. We are also accepting essays and academic analytical articles of professional relevance. All must be unpublished.

Cuadernos de Informacion is indexed in Latindex, Redalyc, Dialnet, Clase, Ebsco, Doaj and Ulrichs.


Manuscripts must be submitted in Spanish, English or Portuguese. They must be written clearly and concisely and sent as a Word document by e-mail to

Each version of the manuscript must be original and must not be under consideration by another journal.

The paper must have between 3,500 to 7,000 words, excluding abstracts, footnotes and bibliographical references.

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