mercredi 18 mai 2011

Bourses de Post Doctorat

Request for interest in post-doc grants

CETAC.MEDIA ( <> ) is a research centre in Communication Sciences and Technologies jointly held by the Universities of Aveiro and Porto, Portugal.

We are seeking for researchers holding a Doctorate degree in relevant fields interested in future positions as Post-doc grants to work in research activities in the areas covered by the research unit: Information Representation and Organization; Informational Behaviour; Communication Processes in New Media; Design and Applications of Participatory Media.

Candidates with relevant research experience in Information Science, Communication Technologies, New Media (mobile, interactive TV), Cyberculture, Usability and Evaluation Studies are very welcome.

Interest should be communicated by email to Prof. Fernando Ramos ( up to June 13, 2011, including a detailed academic and professional curriculum, specific research interests and indication of availability.

Currently the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) has opened an application for post-doc grants (, but further opportunities are also envisaged in the near future.

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