lundi 8 octobre 2012

AAC - VII International Conference on Communication and Reality

Breaking the Media Value Chain
Barcelona, 13 June – 14 June, 2013
Blanquerna School of Communication Studies, Ramon Llull University

Deadline for abstracts: 23 November, 2012.

The complete Call for Papers is posted in English, Spanish, and Catalan on our conference web site,
The conference, in accordance with the characteristics of our institution, strives for rigorous scholarship, interdisciplinary methodology, with participation from the business sector, and with a structure particularly designed to stimulate, above all, scholarly debate centered on our central topic Breaking the Media Value Chain. The title refers to the need to explore new directions to better understand and identify the new interdependencies, dynamics, and radical changes taking place in the public sphere, a sphere which after all is tantamount to the media, the cinema, broadcasting, television, public relations and advertising, and which have an immediate bearing on its lifeline, namely the value chain. This paradigm is based on the numbers of readers, viewers, and users which the mass media can "sell" in exchange for advertising revenue. This value chain has now entered a critical phase owing to the advent of the social media and horizontal mass communication.

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